Sunday, December 11, 2005

Fred at 3 weeks

It's been just over 3 weeks since Frederick was born. He is an absolute joy and wonder. I cannot believe how blessed we are to not only have had Fred, but to have had a Fred with such a soft cry :) The little fellow is extremely well behaved and only makes noise when overtired or windy. Often a cry and a fart go `part and parcel`, with the cry ongoing if the fart is not forthcomming :), and we could have one good session of this a day. Saying that, the crying is shortlived as it appears to facilitate the expulsion of the wind :) I read in the book "Baby Love" (extremely good book), that often babies cry with bowel functions as they're unsure about the pressure behind the anus :) I told my Dad this ... he told me that the best thing I could do was to stop reading :) LOL

Fred had his first bout of diarrhoea which lasted a couple of days. Given that he's only ever upset with bowel motions it was a very trying, not to mention upsetting (for mums) couple of days. According to the doctor something I ate must have not agreed with Fred via the breastmilk. I have been eating 'bland 'a' rama' since then. He also vomited a couple of times - quite dramatic, projectile vomits which had me panicing that he wasn't getting enough fluids/nourishment. Thank god it was just the twice, and thank god all is well now.

Fred, Jo and I went to parents group for the first time last Tuesday. It is a community ran get-together for new mothers with babies up to 12 weeks. A nurse / midwife and a lactation consultant run the meetings and mothers give a brief description on how their weeks have been and ask any pressing questions. It's excellent to hear that people have been going through similar situations as you and interesting to hear questions of mothers with older babies. Very good.

Breastfeeding is going well, I am feeling like I have my boobs out 24 x 7 which is wearing me down a bit. I'm going to start being a little stricter about the times in which he feeds trying to keep it to a minimum of every 2 hours during the day with the odd 'hour feed' of an afternoon when he's a little unsettled. During the night he's pretty good, only waking the once usually around 1am and he's back to sleep fairly soon after a feed and 3 nappy changes.

Well I best make the most of Fred having a nap with one of my own. Attached is a picture of Fred in his playgym which was a present from my work. He loves it!! as does Cleo :)