Monday, March 24, 2008

A year minus 3 months on .....

I promise to be a more vigilant blogger in the future :)

Friday, June 29, 2007

Back in the world of the blogging

Finally I have time to draw a breath. The network between myself and my UNIX boxes at work have gone down :) There is probably some non-unix way to make myself usefull, but that would mean motivation. Something I am severely lacking this time on a Friday afternoon. The only thing that would motivate me right now is a beer :)

I am back at work full time now, have been for a year now. I had 6 totally enjoyable months off when I had Fred and had a really hard time getting back to work. I think it took me close to 6 months to come to terms. Jo had 6 months off after me and then went back to work part-time. Jo and Fred spend Monday's and Tuesdays catching up with the mothers group and generally getting up too lots of mischief.

Fred had surgery back in April for an inguinal hernia. This was his second operation for the like. His first being at 5 weeks old. Apparently at this time they didn't fix one side properly. He is a differernt boy since the operation, more at ease with himself. I think he must have had some underlying pain all that time. It's sad to think that he had known nothing but pain throughout his life. Anyhoo, as I said a differnt boy now.

Fred is going through a growing spurt atm. Most of his growth is mental. He can comprehend nearly everything you say to him and is starting to say the odd word. Fred said 'mumma' pretty early on.. but now he mocks us with it. He finds it pretty amusing when yells "MUMMA" and we both answer in unison ... "yes Freddy" .. he cracks himself up and does it again and again.

My network is back up. I best get back to doing some work.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

1 year and 4 months later .....

I have loads to fill you in on .. but not right now :)

Saturday, January 28, 2006


Can you believe it, Fred is 10 weeks old already!! He's growing very fast, already he's in size 00 & the odd 0. Mind you he is in the top 95th percentile as far as growth is concerned :) He does like his food :)

We have settled into a semi routine which isn't so much time based as task based. We eat, sleep, have a massage, bath and the odd outing which seems to be going well. He's a very happy boy who loves his massage and bath time. The poor thing suffers bad wind pain at times and both the massage and bath releive this pain. Yesterday he was in the bath with me and both Jo and I were talking to him when he giggled and didn't stop :) It was the sweetest thing to see, Jo had tears in her eyes watching him ... it was absolutely gorgeous, you had to be there .... well, maybe not.

It's mind boggling to watch them grow and develop their little personalities. I've attended the first parent group outside the community based group and had lunch with the other mothers. It's great to have the interaction with the mums and I am hoping that the relationships in the group will develop so that Fred will have little play buddies.

What's in other news ... well my birthday fell on Australia day, Jo bought me the whole of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" .. all 7 seasons. I intend to watch them from beggining to end before I go back to work ( which is in April) .. wonder how I'll feel about leaving the Fredlet. Jo is fine, a great mother and working hard. She is taking 6 months off with Fred after I go back to work and then she'll go back part time. Lucky Fred to have his mother around during the week. I personally am not looking forward to 24x7 oncall. Cleo (the cat) has a new stuffed toy which mysteriously follows her around the house so when she wakes up she's eyeballing it ... I think it's creeping her out :) Fred and Cleo get on well, though Cleo has established that if she wakes Fred up of a morning then she'll get fed sooner ... cheeky. Anyway, I am off to watch an episode of Buffy before the Fredlet wakes.

Bye for now

Thursday, January 05, 2006

7 weeks

It’s been some time since last post and a lot has happened. For one, Fred is growing great guns. Then there was Christmas and family and New Years and celebrations and Fred, Fred and did I mention Fred.

Let’s talk about Fred. there is a HUGE difference to a baby at 4 weeks of age to one of 6 weeks of age. Apparently there is such a thing as the magic “6 week” mark, and this, it seems is very true. From 0 - 4 weeks baby and you are settling in and getting used to each others idiosyncrasies and all baby pretty much does is eat, sleep and make dirty nappies. There is the odd smile and odd look of recognition when he sees you but generally eat, sleep and poo (a lot). Come 6 weeks, baby spends more time awake and alert, smiles more (and on demand) and numerous other plus’s. I tell you these smiles are priceless and make everything all the worth while.

Fred and I spend our days interacting and smiling. There is the odd day where he will have some wind pain, but after some pretty impressive wind expulsion he is back to smiling again. This is fairly amusing… Fred does a brief scream and the pressure of said scream pushes the wind out. Once out, he smiles (almost giggles) .. it seems he too is pretty impressed by the sound

Fred and I have been to parents group 3 times now. This group is available to us until Fred is 12 weeks old. At the beginning of each group we introduce ourselves and our babies and advise the baby’s age. It’s amusing when they get to us and I advise Fred’s age as he is bigger then some of the 3 month olds .. especially the girls. It’s not so much Fred’s size that makes them gasp… but they look at me then back at Fred, then me again… I think they’re wondering how big he was at birth and how little old me managed that  heh. This group is a great outing for us. We get to hear how the week went from other mothers and we ask questions which may be of concern .. like how do I settle my baby? Sunscreen ? reflux etc .. the information provided is excellent and to know that other mothers are experiencing the same issues you are is priceless.

These posts are few and far between as I barely have time to scratch myself these days (it’s getting better) and when Jo is home I can always find some housework to distract me. Talking of, I should put the dishes away. In summary Jo and I think Fred is gorgeous and we are enjoying being mothers. Jo has created lyrics and tunes for every Fred occasion (ask her about her poo rap… yo! ) .. quite amusing. If I wanted for anything it would be some alone time with Jo when we weren’t too tired.

Anyways, Happy New Year and I hope to catch up with you all in the near future.


Sunday, December 11, 2005

Fred at 3 weeks

It's been just over 3 weeks since Frederick was born. He is an absolute joy and wonder. I cannot believe how blessed we are to not only have had Fred, but to have had a Fred with such a soft cry :) The little fellow is extremely well behaved and only makes noise when overtired or windy. Often a cry and a fart go `part and parcel`, with the cry ongoing if the fart is not forthcomming :), and we could have one good session of this a day. Saying that, the crying is shortlived as it appears to facilitate the expulsion of the wind :) I read in the book "Baby Love" (extremely good book), that often babies cry with bowel functions as they're unsure about the pressure behind the anus :) I told my Dad this ... he told me that the best thing I could do was to stop reading :) LOL

Fred had his first bout of diarrhoea which lasted a couple of days. Given that he's only ever upset with bowel motions it was a very trying, not to mention upsetting (for mums) couple of days. According to the doctor something I ate must have not agreed with Fred via the breastmilk. I have been eating 'bland 'a' rama' since then. He also vomited a couple of times - quite dramatic, projectile vomits which had me panicing that he wasn't getting enough fluids/nourishment. Thank god it was just the twice, and thank god all is well now.

Fred, Jo and I went to parents group for the first time last Tuesday. It is a community ran get-together for new mothers with babies up to 12 weeks. A nurse / midwife and a lactation consultant run the meetings and mothers give a brief description on how their weeks have been and ask any pressing questions. It's excellent to hear that people have been going through similar situations as you and interesting to hear questions of mothers with older babies. Very good.

Breastfeeding is going well, I am feeling like I have my boobs out 24 x 7 which is wearing me down a bit. I'm going to start being a little stricter about the times in which he feeds trying to keep it to a minimum of every 2 hours during the day with the odd 'hour feed' of an afternoon when he's a little unsettled. During the night he's pretty good, only waking the once usually around 1am and he's back to sleep fairly soon after a feed and 3 nappy changes.

Well I best make the most of Fred having a nap with one of my own. Attached is a picture of Fred in his playgym which was a present from my work. He loves it!! as does Cleo :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

And then there were 3

This is a quick post to advise the arrival of our son. I will put the details in point form and come along and update the blog in more detail when time permits ... Running on baby time is frantic business :)

Name : Fredrick Thomas
Estimated DOB: 06/11/05
Actual DOB: 16/11/05
Time: 10:31 am
Weight: 10 Pounds
Length: 53cm / 21 inches (I know .. I don't know how he fitted either)
Delivery: Caeserian (The not so little fella was too big to fit through birth canal)
Cord Blood: donated

Notes: After a week of false starts and 2 full days of contractions the poor little fella just couldn't get out. Saw the Ob on Tuesday who booked me in for the caeser the next day. Thinking back I could have done with more then a few hours to prepare myself - or possibly it was best not to know what was to come.

The Operation lasted about 45 minutes, this included getting anethesised, baby out, stitching up and possibly add another 15 minutes for recovery before being reunited with our son. The size of the little tacker initiated a conversation about football during the stitching up period.. heh. The obs doctor knew he was big but I don't think he realised just how big .. he had his foot on the bed trying to tug Fred out of the little hole he cut, alas Fred was stuck under every bone possible. The doc grunted and groaned, wished he cut the hole bigger and finally set Fred free from his happy home of 9 months. Everyone in the room looked a little shocked with his size.

He is absolutely beautiful and sleeping & feeding extremely well. If only Jo and I could stop looking at him to get some sleep in ourselves :)