Friday, June 29, 2007

Back in the world of the blogging

Finally I have time to draw a breath. The network between myself and my UNIX boxes at work have gone down :) There is probably some non-unix way to make myself usefull, but that would mean motivation. Something I am severely lacking this time on a Friday afternoon. The only thing that would motivate me right now is a beer :)

I am back at work full time now, have been for a year now. I had 6 totally enjoyable months off when I had Fred and had a really hard time getting back to work. I think it took me close to 6 months to come to terms. Jo had 6 months off after me and then went back to work part-time. Jo and Fred spend Monday's and Tuesdays catching up with the mothers group and generally getting up too lots of mischief.

Fred had surgery back in April for an inguinal hernia. This was his second operation for the like. His first being at 5 weeks old. Apparently at this time they didn't fix one side properly. He is a differernt boy since the operation, more at ease with himself. I think he must have had some underlying pain all that time. It's sad to think that he had known nothing but pain throughout his life. Anyhoo, as I said a differnt boy now.

Fred is going through a growing spurt atm. Most of his growth is mental. He can comprehend nearly everything you say to him and is starting to say the odd word. Fred said 'mumma' pretty early on.. but now he mocks us with it. He finds it pretty amusing when yells "MUMMA" and we both answer in unison ... "yes Freddy" .. he cracks himself up and does it again and again.

My network is back up. I best get back to doing some work.