Saturday, January 28, 2006


Can you believe it, Fred is 10 weeks old already!! He's growing very fast, already he's in size 00 & the odd 0. Mind you he is in the top 95th percentile as far as growth is concerned :) He does like his food :)

We have settled into a semi routine which isn't so much time based as task based. We eat, sleep, have a massage, bath and the odd outing which seems to be going well. He's a very happy boy who loves his massage and bath time. The poor thing suffers bad wind pain at times and both the massage and bath releive this pain. Yesterday he was in the bath with me and both Jo and I were talking to him when he giggled and didn't stop :) It was the sweetest thing to see, Jo had tears in her eyes watching him ... it was absolutely gorgeous, you had to be there .... well, maybe not.

It's mind boggling to watch them grow and develop their little personalities. I've attended the first parent group outside the community based group and had lunch with the other mothers. It's great to have the interaction with the mums and I am hoping that the relationships in the group will develop so that Fred will have little play buddies.

What's in other news ... well my birthday fell on Australia day, Jo bought me the whole of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" .. all 7 seasons. I intend to watch them from beggining to end before I go back to work ( which is in April) .. wonder how I'll feel about leaving the Fredlet. Jo is fine, a great mother and working hard. She is taking 6 months off with Fred after I go back to work and then she'll go back part time. Lucky Fred to have his mother around during the week. I personally am not looking forward to 24x7 oncall. Cleo (the cat) has a new stuffed toy which mysteriously follows her around the house so when she wakes up she's eyeballing it ... I think it's creeping her out :) Fred and Cleo get on well, though Cleo has established that if she wakes Fred up of a morning then she'll get fed sooner ... cheeky. Anyway, I am off to watch an episode of Buffy before the Fredlet wakes.

Bye for now