Thursday, January 05, 2006

7 weeks

It’s been some time since last post and a lot has happened. For one, Fred is growing great guns. Then there was Christmas and family and New Years and celebrations and Fred, Fred and did I mention Fred.

Let’s talk about Fred. there is a HUGE difference to a baby at 4 weeks of age to one of 6 weeks of age. Apparently there is such a thing as the magic “6 week” mark, and this, it seems is very true. From 0 - 4 weeks baby and you are settling in and getting used to each others idiosyncrasies and all baby pretty much does is eat, sleep and make dirty nappies. There is the odd smile and odd look of recognition when he sees you but generally eat, sleep and poo (a lot). Come 6 weeks, baby spends more time awake and alert, smiles more (and on demand) and numerous other plus’s. I tell you these smiles are priceless and make everything all the worth while.

Fred and I spend our days interacting and smiling. There is the odd day where he will have some wind pain, but after some pretty impressive wind expulsion he is back to smiling again. This is fairly amusing… Fred does a brief scream and the pressure of said scream pushes the wind out. Once out, he smiles (almost giggles) .. it seems he too is pretty impressed by the sound

Fred and I have been to parents group 3 times now. This group is available to us until Fred is 12 weeks old. At the beginning of each group we introduce ourselves and our babies and advise the baby’s age. It’s amusing when they get to us and I advise Fred’s age as he is bigger then some of the 3 month olds .. especially the girls. It’s not so much Fred’s size that makes them gasp… but they look at me then back at Fred, then me again… I think they’re wondering how big he was at birth and how little old me managed that  heh. This group is a great outing for us. We get to hear how the week went from other mothers and we ask questions which may be of concern .. like how do I settle my baby? Sunscreen ? reflux etc .. the information provided is excellent and to know that other mothers are experiencing the same issues you are is priceless.

These posts are few and far between as I barely have time to scratch myself these days (it’s getting better) and when Jo is home I can always find some housework to distract me. Talking of, I should put the dishes away. In summary Jo and I think Fred is gorgeous and we are enjoying being mothers. Jo has created lyrics and tunes for every Fred occasion (ask her about her poo rap… yo! ) .. quite amusing. If I wanted for anything it would be some alone time with Jo when we weren’t too tired.

Anyways, Happy New Year and I hope to catch up with you all in the near future.