Tuesday, November 22, 2005

And then there were 3

This is a quick post to advise the arrival of our son. I will put the details in point form and come along and update the blog in more detail when time permits ... Running on baby time is frantic business :)

Name : Fredrick Thomas
Estimated DOB: 06/11/05
Actual DOB: 16/11/05
Time: 10:31 am
Weight: 10 Pounds
Length: 53cm / 21 inches (I know .. I don't know how he fitted either)
Delivery: Caeserian (The not so little fella was too big to fit through birth canal)
Cord Blood: donated

Notes: After a week of false starts and 2 full days of contractions the poor little fella just couldn't get out. Saw the Ob on Tuesday who booked me in for the caeser the next day. Thinking back I could have done with more then a few hours to prepare myself - or possibly it was best not to know what was to come.

The Operation lasted about 45 minutes, this included getting anethesised, baby out, stitching up and possibly add another 15 minutes for recovery before being reunited with our son. The size of the little tacker initiated a conversation about football during the stitching up period.. heh. The obs doctor knew he was big but I don't think he realised just how big .. he had his foot on the bed trying to tug Fred out of the little hole he cut, alas Fred was stuck under every bone possible. The doc grunted and groaned, wished he cut the hole bigger and finally set Fred free from his happy home of 9 months. Everyone in the room looked a little shocked with his size.

He is absolutely beautiful and sleeping & feeding extremely well. If only Jo and I could stop looking at him to get some sleep in ourselves :)