Thursday, September 22, 2005

34 weeks

The countdown to just about everything has begun...

6 weeks till we meet `the little fellow` and the excitement is building. He's got a little personality already, especially when it comes to the cat. Those 2 have an interesting relationship. This morning Cleo (the cat) was lying on my belly purring whilst I was scratching her and `the little fellow` kicked the cat off. Now this is nothing new in itself.. however the cat hit back this time ... twas highly amusing.

The antenatal appointments have been going well. Have been putting on only the required amount of weight which is interesting considering what I am still eating. I am very restricted in the amount of exercise I can do atm because the baby is already head down and pushing on everything you would rather not know about!! Walking 500m is a HUGE task and I start to worry I am not going to make it home ... all this unused energy was driving me crazy, albeit now I am not sleeping so it's equalling itself out :) heh

1 more week of antenatal classes to go ... thank goodness. Jo and I have been driven crazy by the instructor. She wanders off on any obscure tangent.. sometimes to never return back to the original topic. Sometimes, as if dreaming her voice will trail off and there will be silence until such time she wakes up. This last bit is very awkward and often occurs after she's just explained a horrific situation .. NOT very comforting. When the nightly class finally winds up, (30 minutes late on average) we leave feeling a bit flat and realise that the instructor hardly says anything positive about our futures with a baby.... I mean, we realise that it's not going to be a bed of roses ALL of the time and we'll have difficult times ahead .. but the picture she's painting us is a bit morbid. Our midwife teaches the same class at a later timeslot and asked us what we thought of the class ... it seems we're not alone.

On a brighter note we went to a breastfeeding workshop the Saturday before last. It was excellent!!! We learnt a truck load about technique, common misconceptions and well, everything really. Did you know it's best to feed your baby out of a cup as opposed to a bottle should you require an alternative from the breast? Apparently this is so that the babies suckling technique does not get confused ... interesting.

It's Jo's birthday tomorrow, I best go and wrap her presents before she gets home. I want to leave them out and keep her guessing overnight :)

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