Friday, October 14, 2005

Cramping the Cats Style

It's Thursday and I've been home for 4 days now. The week has been pretty uneventful with me mostly catching up on sleep. I've not been sleeping of a night and thus been napping during the day. The cat it seems is quiet happy to nap with me for the most part, though there is the odd occasion where she takes a flying leap at a flyscreen and attaches herself ... Not at all good for the flyscreen and she's told off .. on reflection however, it's fairly amusing :)

I've so far managed to reserve enough energy to have dinner ready every night for the hard working wife. Mostly vegetarian and healthy just by chance though tonight we're having "peppered rib eye fillet with pumpkin `n` chive mash" .. I might have to wip up some choco brownies for desert .... I've been keeping a list of quick, easy, healthy recipies for when the baby arrives .. this way I don't have to think about dinner when I have other priorities.

The little fellow is going well, his movements are now confined to squirms and you can make out his bottom, back and legs through the skin. I can feel him turning his head and can make out when he moves his arms and hands. I am quite comforted by all movements except for the hiccups ... I am not a great lover of repitition and given where his head is when he gets them .. it is most uncomfortable. The doctor kindly reminded me that he's a big boy and that he'll be comming out naturally (which reminds me .. I best pick up that "easing labour pain" book again). Next week we get the last ultrasound performed and I am hoping we get a better idea of his expected size .. possibly this will be handy to know (?) .. Tell you what would be handy to know and that's how we're going to get to the hospital ... Damn Jo for not getting that drivers license.

I best get the babies linen off the line and start the dinner.

Bye for now