Friday, October 28, 2005

38 weeks 5 days

If you go by the book we have 10 days to go. If you go by wishful thinking, today would be a good day to `go` - heh. We seem to be developing a pregnancy ailment a day atm so you can imagine that I am increasingly looking forward to the pain of labor. Bring it on I say!! According to the ultrasound he will be born naturally (YAY) .. and he’s a big boy (not so YAY). Saying that, he appears to be all limbs .. reassuring, birthing wise. We have an ad hoc doctors appointment this afternoon to check up on my circulation. My feet and legs are swollen and purple which is a bit disconcerting, however if I go by what I read it’s all normal if not expected.

Everything is pretty much ready and organised for our new arrival. All linen and baby clothes have now been washed and what furniture that was left to be assembled has been done so.

Today is Jo’s last day of work for 5 weeks. I look forward to the company. The cat and I are getting a bit bored looking at each other :)

Will speak soon. Tracy