Monday, June 27, 2005

21 week update

It’s been too long between posts. Sooo much going on, hopefully things will start to calm down a little soon.

To summarise …. work, work, work, crazy work, crazy hours. Sleep <- what’s that? Weekend afternoon naps <- saviours. Doctors appointments … $$ ka-ching $$. Midwife advise … don’t eat nuts << what the!!!! Skin on stomach about to split open << no stretch marks yet!! Visiting friends << soothing. Visiting friends with newborn babies << priceless (lots more to say on this subject). Visiting friends in hospital << not very nice. Family in hospital .. << a valuable lesson learnt ( eating hospital food before discharge will have you back in hospital ) Public transport … does the average commuter know how to use a tissue? The Cat << decorated house with toilet paper ( definitely not as cute as when the dog did it in the advertisement) …. Anyway, that’s enough summarising, more details to follow and hopefully a post from Jo << she’s currently finishing up a jumper she’s been knitting me for a year now :) and just in time for the cold weather .. Yes!!! I know how lucky I am.

Now the reason for this post. We managed to transfer some ultrasound pictures from VHS to VCD to still pics … enjoy:

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